Žrnovo is an old village located in the northeastern part of the island of Korčula. It is 4 km away from the town of Korcula. Žrnovo consists several hamlets: Prvo Selo, Brdo, Kampuš and Postrana. Hamlets with its bays has about 1,300 inhabitants.

This village is mentioned in historical archives in 1307, but  numerous findings indicate the early inhabitants of the area.

A few kilometers south of Postrana and above the bay Rasohatica is an important archaeological site of Korcula island – Jakasova špilja (Jakas Cave). This cave was accidentally discovered in 1916. Recent research shows that Jakas cave was inhabited from the Middle Neolithic. In the cave were found, the remains of animal bones, the fireplace and the works of pottery.

In 2015 cave has become a cultural good of the Republic of Croatia. Jakasova špilja and Vela Spila in Vela Luka are very important archaeological site of the region

The religious and historic monuments of Žrnovo are churches. The oldest church in Žrnovo is the St Vid church which was the first parish and burial church. Church of St. Martin, today’s parish church was mentioned in the sources of the early 14th century. In the slope of the hill in hamlet of Postrana you can find also the Church of St. Roko. In the front of this church is small square with ancient trees, named Koštili. On the same place each year on 16th of August  is traditionally performed sword dance Moštra. 

Aamong the historical remains in Postrana you can see preserved kaštel (fortified house) and birhplace that once belonged to the noble family Baničević. The most famous member of this family was Jakov Baničević. Jakov was a prominent European diplomat and humanist of 16th century.In Zrnovo is not rare to see country houses and “kaštel”of Korcula’s noblemen, which tells us about the historical importance of this place.In Prvo Selo are kaštel of families Boschi, Dimitri and house the family Brcic – Muko with a chapel from the 18th century. An important religious, historical and cultural monument of the Prvo Selo (at the entrance to Zrnovo from Zrnovska Banja, Korcula) is the church St. Michael, mentioned in the source in 1329. Žrnovo is the birthplace of the many important people: artist, sculptor Radoslav Duhović, graphic Nikola Skokandić, painter Ante Radovanovic, Frano Cebalo and Abel Brcic and famous Croatian academician and writer Peter Šegedin. In the past, people of this old place mostly cultivated grapevine, olive tree and carved stone. Today is a very important tourism. Zrnovo belongs part of the northern and southern coast of the island of Korcula. On the south coast you can visit the beautiful beaches Defora: Orlanduša, Gostinja vala, Rasohatica and  Pavija luka.On the north coast are bays Medvinjak, Žrnovska Banja, Vrbovica, Andrijina luka, Tri Žala and Oskorušica. About three hundred meters above the bay of Vrbovica and at the entrance to Zrnovo in the hamlet Brdo, is a protected area Kočje with 4.62 ha. Kočje is landscape rich of  dolomite, canyons, semi-caves and rare and varied vegetation.  From the variety of plant species are protection plant Portenschlagov zvončić (Campanula portenschlagiana) and centuries-old trees of the holm oak (Quercus ilex). Because of the geological, botanical and aesthetic value Kočje is in 1962 declared a special forest vegetation reserve in Croatia. Visitors to this mysterious world of the island of Korcula is highly recommended comfortable shoes and clothes and mosquito repellent. Cutting down trees, picking or damaging other vegetation, breaking rocks or any activities that may cause a change in naturale looks of Kočje is strictly prohibited.Zrnovo is not only a place full of historical remains and natural features. Zrnovo is very famous for its traditional delicacies– Žrnovski makaruni. Žrnovski makaruni are authentic dish that is prepared according to a recipe dating back more than 400 years. You can taste it in Korcula’s restaurants, agrotourismbut but also on traditional gastronomic – entertainment event “Makarunada”. This event is organized every year in August.

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