Vela Luka

Vela Luka is a ferry pier and nautical port. Located on the West side of the island of Korcula, Vela Luka is considered one of the most protected Harbors on this part of the Adriatic Sea. This is the largest town on the island of Korcula (according to the Census 2011 counts 4130 inhabitants) and it is one of the most developed island settlements of the Republic of Croatia.

The place stands out for its natural beauty, its mild Mediterranean climate, clean sea and jagged coastline, very sunny slopes and hilly surroundings with the highest Hill Hum (376 m). The population was from ancient times engaged in shipbuilding, fishing and agriculture, and in more recent times and tourism, where we need to highlight the health tourism. At the bottom of the sea in a shallow Cove of Kale in Vela Luka, in which is through a long series of years of sedimentation found mud (Peloid, Liman), there is also the source of the radioactive water Kalac. The unique combination of medicinal mud and radioactive water resulted is that in the year 1972 start the construction of the famous spas Kalos. Kalos is a special hospital for medical rehabilitation, in which in addition to natural factors and contemporary medical techniques has successfully treated a large number of diseases, implemented various preventive rehabilitation and a series of special programs.

Above the Bay of Kale on the Hill Pinski rat is one of the richest and most important Mediterranean archaeological (cave) locality – Vela spila. Vela spila is known from the middle of the 19th century, and bears witness of habitation the population in this region in the prehistoric period, more than 20 000 years ago. At the locality were found many stone and ceramic artifacts, bones of wild and domestic animals as well as human graves. Valuable archaeological collection of artifacts recovered from the Vela spila is located in the Museum Centre for the culture of Vela Luka. Culture Center is located in a Baroque building in the Centre of Vela Luka.

In the center of the village is located and classicist Parish Church of St. Joseph completed 1848 year. At the feast of St Joseph, the patron saint of the municipality of Vela Luka, at 19th March, is being held a major annual performance knightly association  Kumpanija  and traditional dance Mafrine. In addition to the parish church and the multitude of small family of votive churches about spirituality of this folk, bear witness to and stone crosses. Crosses have been built mainly in the 19th century, and according to legend, there were more than 30.

About half an hour by boat from the town of Vela Luka is located the island of pristine and enchanting beauty, the island of Proizd. Proizd, which is an unavoidable holiday destination of the island of Korcula in the year 2007, has been declared like the most beautiful beach on the Adriatic coast – with the award of the Ministry of Maritime Affairs and transport as “The best beach of the year”.

Except Proizd, Vela Luka is proud of and with the island of Osjak which locals called the “Island of love”. Along with the pine forest, crystal clear sea, the beach and the sun, visitors will, far from the bustle of the city, find peace and enjoy the scents of the Mediterranean.

„Zid mozaika“ (“Wall of mosaic”) is a monument to the first international meeting of the artist, which is held in 1968 in Vela Luka, and can be seen in the center of town near a gas station. Today are active many of vocal groups which are called “klapa” (the most famous of them are Ošjak and Greben), Knight’s game “Kumpanija” and the folk dance of the Mafrina.

Vela Luka is also the birthplace of famous Croatian artists: rip academician Šime Vučetić, sculptor Ante Marinović, sculptor, painter and poet Izvor Oreb, the poet Danijel Dragojevic, conceptual artist Gorki Zuvela, singer Jasna Zlokic and famous Oliver Dragojevic.

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